Thursday, 7 March 2013

Computer Awareness Quiz-2

Computer Awareness Quiz-2
1. DPI stands for
Due Protocol Inspection
Dit per it
Dots Per Inch
Do Per Instruction

2. MBR stands for
Many Bell Rings
Master Book Record
Master Boot Record
Many Boot Run

3. Word length of a Personal Computer is
4 bits
16 bits
8 bits
64 bits

4. Which of the following is executable in Windows operating system
All of the above

5. All computers must have
a virus checking program
a word processing software
an operating system
a word processing software

6. Primary memory stores
Data alone
Programs alone
Results alone
All of these

7. What does the term "Bug" means in Computer systems
Chips that flashes data
result of system
A flaw in the system
Virus in the system

8. Booting is the process that signifies which of the following ?
Loading the Operating system into main memory
Shutdown the computer
Diagnosis the problem with the computer
Loads the anti-virus

9. WordStar is a software product ,that helps
Document Processing
Maintain inventory items
Send mails
Browse Internet

10. DOS is an Operating system originally designed to be operated by using which of the following device ?