Thursday, 18 April 2013

ASP.NET Quiz-3

This quiz is continuation of My previous Quiz- ASP.NET Quiz-2 which was on basic attributes and events of ASP.NET controls

ASP.NET Quiz-3
1.A postback occurs when
a browser posts a form to the server.
a user’s action activates the handling of a server event.
a server posts a form to the client.
Both a and b.

2.When does a “round trip” start in a web application?
The server requests an action from the user.
The user activates a server control event
The browser posts a form to the server.
The server processes a control event.

3.When an ASP.NET file is placed on an IIS server and viewed through a browser, the resulting HTML page contains:
all ASP.NET code
as much ASP.NET code as is in the ASP.NET file
a mix of ASP.NET and HTML code.
all HTML code.

4. What is the extension for a Visual Basic web form code file?

5. Which user action will not generate a server-side event?
Mouse Move
Text Change
Button Click
Both a and b

6.Because of the latency of a round-trip on the internet:
the interface and code of a web form are stored in separate files
only some user actions, such as button clicks, will generate events.
it is best to use server-side control
web applications should be coded in Visual Basic

7.Which layer is exemplified by the use of ADO.NET?

8.How will using a middle tier typically affect the number of connections to a database?
Increase the number
Have no effect on the number
Decrease the number
It depends on the type of client

9.Which is a valid type of state management for the creation of web pages?
Client side
Server side
Data side
Both a and b

10.The stateless HTTP protocol refers to web pages created:
on a web server
without information from a database
without knowledge of previous web pages.
before a request from a client.
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